as if in dreams: Notes following Aliyah

Moving to Israel, an American Jew finds both an alternate reality and an eternal home. In what becomes a daily practice of brief notes posted online, he creates a mosaic text, observing everyday life and how it blends the sacred and the mundane. Vivid, precise, and often hilarious, these entrancing vignettes embody how what might seem like nothing special appear to a poet’s eye.

The Book of Voices

In The Book of Voices, a prophet who has lost her memory channels the voices of people from the Hebrew Bible to rediscover her own identity.

19th Nervous Breakdown (Front Cover)

19th Nervous Breakdown

19th Nervous Breakdown: Making Human Connections in the Landscape of Commerce describes the life of selling music and books in San Francisco, showing how this dropout discovered the gift of helping people find what they desire, need, and love.

The Rounds

The Rounds (created with photographer Chelsey E Stewart) depicts life in Berkeley, CA, a few years ago, from the vantage point of my secondary job as a night watchman at a church near my house. I did the rounds after midnight each night for over five years, and occasionally had fascinating and disconcerting encounters with the people whom I found there.

Surprise Me with Beauty

Surprise Me With Beauty: the Music of Human Systems (which you can download as a free PDF) involves materials and methods of improvisation. I've organized and led ensembles exploring these methods in Dallas, Austin, San Francisco, and Washington, DC.

Shekhinah: the Presence

Shekhinah: the Presence, my first book, is a full-length poetic work focusing on images of the Divine Feminine in Jewish mysticism. It expands on the text of a dance/performance piece that my ensemble presented in 1992. Video and an album of the music from the piece are also available online for free.