Comma: Voices Comma: (voices)
Trio recordings of vocal works by John Cage, Pauline Oliveros, Matthew Ross Davis, Thomas Bickley, and Joseph Zitt.
Jerusaklyn Jerusaklyn
Instrumental solo electronic works (synthesizer, guitar, bass) recorded in Brooklyn, NY, in the 1980s, incorporating field recordings made in Jerusalem.
cd-shek-125 Shekhinah: the Presence
Selections from the score of the 1992 dance/theatre work Shekhinah: The Presence, as first performed in Austin, Texas. With the exception of environmental sounds captured in “Jerusalem Circuit,” the sounds consist entirely of human voices, sampled and processed.
Gentle Entropy Gentle Entropy
The soundtrack to an ambient video dance work. Four tracks of voice, recorded independently, sustaining a single long tone with timbral variations for 50 minutes.
Zitt/Matis: Even the Widest Aardvark Outdreams the Gnu Joseph Zitt / Jonathan Matis: Even the Widest Aardvark Outdreams the Gnu
Ritual chant and storytelling from another planet. Jonathan Matis’s guitar and preparations evoke the drones and whispers of electronic beings as Joseph Zitt’s vocals sing and speak in unknown languages.
Oh Come Ye Dispassionate Oh Come Ye Dispassionate
Nine sine waves in all possible combinations, creating a resonant rosary of non-metric pulses and uncommon harmonies.
Gray Code: Live in Philadelphia 2000 Gray Code: Live in Philadelphia 2000
Quintet performances recorded during the Frankford Arts Festival (May 2000) and the Philadelphia Fringe Festival (September 2000).
“Morton Feldman meets the Art Ensemble of Chicago.” — Denman Maroney
Collaborations Collaborations
Live improvisations performed with bassists F. Vattel Cherry and Jane Wang, with percussionist Brian Fending, and with guitarist Jonathan Matis, as well as studio collaborations with Thomas Bickley and Craque.
Bickley/Zitt: All Souls Thomas Bickley / Joseph Zitt: All Souls
A long-form free improvisation by Thomas Bickley and Joseph Zitt, created on the spot with intertwining voices exploring the architecture and objects in a resonant room and its surroundings.
setar-zitt-125 Joseph Zitt / Katherine Setar: Eight Fractured Folk Songs
A live performance of unusual arrangements of traditional songs from around the world, created with composer pianist Katherine Setar.
rats, maybe ghosts rats, maybe ghosts
An improvisation for voice, whistling, and found objects, recorded on the Artship in Oakland, California.