The Rounds

The Rounds
The Rounds

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text by Joseph Zitt

photos by Chelsey E Stewart

published by The Apocryphile Press

“The mad geniuses, the hackers, the seekers, the troubled, those who have a sense that there’s more to the world than what they see, and those who see things and hear voices that the rest of us can’t, all seem drawn here to Berkeley, in search (conscious or not) of something that they often cannot name.”

After midnight, almost every night for five years, Joseph Zitt walked the security rounds at Grace North Church in Berkeley, California. This journal documents the spaces through which he passed, the things that he found, the people that he encountered, and the sounds, sights, illusions, and dreams that he experienced, both in the midnight rounds and in living in an interfaith community in the surrounding neighborhood by day. His writings and Chelsey Stewart‘s photographs create an evocative and entertaining picture of an extended moment in this vibrant, complex, and beautiful city.

Joseph Zitt reads from The Rounds

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