Shekhinah: Kaddish (Mourners’ Prayer)

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Shekhinah: the Presence
Shekhinah: the Presence

Section 9 of “Shekhinah: The Presence” by Joseph Zitt
This is an unedited scan of the text, courtesy of Josh Ronsen
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Is the Great Name

in the world he created
through his will.

May his kingdom be established
  in your lifetimes
  in your days

  in the life of the whole House of Israel

May the Great Name be blessed
forever and for all eternity;

is the name of the Holy One, who is Blessed
beyond any blessings
that are ever spoken in this world.

May there be abundant peace in heaven
and life for us
and for all Israel.

The Maker of Peace in the heavens
will make peace for us
and for all Israel..."

The service is now ending.

It’'s time to go home now.

The child’'s ark
  the ark you guided into this flood of realities
  the ark of your own private
    Covenant with the Presence
is waiting.

Follow the leader.
Lie down upon the waters of time.
Lie down to pass beyond the pillars,
  beyond the guardian rivers
  of rock and fire.
Lie down to travel
  at right angles to the flow of sleep,
  the six words of peaceful proclamation
    hovering in the slow breath
  that forms above your silent lips.

With a kiss of the spirit,
  a touch of her hand,
  the Presence leads you onward

  she who, though she seems invisible,
    is always by your side.

The sounds of the psalms of the seven days
  echo and blend within your heart.
The readings of the scroll of the law
  for all weeks
  for all years
  surround you, enfold you.

For you, all times are the same again,
  all space collapsed
    to a point within your soul,

and the voice of the leader,
and the power of the Presence,
guide you



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