Shekhinah: About the Shekhinah

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Shekhinah: the Presence
Shekhinah: the Presence


The preface to “Shekhinah: The Presence” by Joseph Zitt
This is an unedited scan of the text, courtesy of Josh Ronsen
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“Shekhinah is the frequently used Talmudic term denoting the visible and audible manifestation of God’s presence on Earth. In its ultimate development as it appears in the late Midrash literature, the Shekhinah stood for an independent, feminine divine entity prompted by her compassionate nature to argue with God in defense of man.”


“The Shekhinah is precisely that aspect of God with which we can be in relation, and it is experienced in joint
study, community gatherings, lovemaking, and other moments of common and intimate human connection.”


“For some Gnostics, the Shekhinah, as the last of the Sefiroth, becomes the ‘daughter’ who, although her home is the ‘form of light,’ must wander into far lands. She is not only Queen, daughter and bride of God, but also the mother of every individual in


“Therefore, before performing a mitzvah or an act of charity, one must say: To unite the name of the Holy One, blessed be he, and his Shekhinah, in fear and love, to join YH with WH, in the name of all Israel.”