as if in dreams: Notes following Aliyah

Moving to Israel, an American Jew finds both an alternate reality and an eternal home. In what becomes a daily practice of brief notes posted online, he creates a mosaic text, observing everyday life and how it blends the sacred and the mundane. Vivid, precise, and often hilarious, these entrancing vignettes embody how what might seem like nothing special appear to a poet’s eye.

A wall of pigeons flies at me in a perfect diamond formation. I am too entranced to flinch. About to collide with me, three of them drop back and over, keeping to the grid as they open a door in the wall. I coo at them in thanks. They don’t respond.”

“… [Joseph Zitt] has found a literary form that exists precisely at the intersection of prose and free-form poetry, and has delivered this form with grace, panache and precision.”Amazing Stories

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